Designing for Impact: How Siqnature Helped Care Cambodia Empower Female Construction Workers

Value Women's Work


The main challenge that Care Cambodia faced was to design communication materials that would appeal to their target audience of female construction workers and motivate them to participate in their campaign. The campaign aimed to empower female construction workers and advocate for their rights and dignity in the workplace. The campaign also sought to influence civil society and government stakeholders to recognize and value the contribution of women in the construction sector.


Care Cambodia hired Siqnature, a creative agency, to develop a new visual identity for the campaign, as well as a range of IEC materials that would convey the campaign messages effectively. Siqnature created a design concept that focused on making the training materials engaging and relevant for female construction workers. The materials used various formats, such as illustrations, videos, graphic stories, and simple contacts, to illustrate the issues and solutions related to gender equality and safety in the workplace.


The new communication materials had a positive impact on the participation and empowerment of female construction workers. The materials were used in a series of training sessions that were facilitated by female peer leaders. The training sessions increased the knowledge and skills of female construction workers on gender equality and safe working conditions. The training sessions also encouraged female construction workers to share their experiences and voice their concerns.


The Value Women’s Work campaign achieved its objectives of strengthening the capacity of female construction workers, civil society, and government to ensure women construction workers are safe and valued equally in the workplace. The communication materials created by Siqnature were instrumental in the success of the campaign. They helped to create a more engaging and attractive learning environment for female construction workers and to raise awareness of their rights and roles in the construction sector.

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