How Zooms Helped ISS International Academy Grow Its Social Media Following and Engagement


ISS International Academy is a private school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The school offers a world-class international curriculum and high-quality facilities, but it was struggling to reach a wider audience through social media. The school’s social media following was small, and its engagement rates were low.


Zooms was hired to help ISS International Academy with its social media marketing. Zooms developed a comprehensive social media strategy that included the following elements:

  • Content creation: Zooms created high-quality content that was relevant to ISS’s target audience. This content included videos, infographics, and blog posts that highlighted the school’s unique offerings and its commitment to providing a high-quality education.
  • Social media scheduling: Zooms used a social media scheduling tool to schedule posts in advance. This ensured that ISS’s social media accounts were active and engaging on a consistent basis.
  • Social media analytics: Zooms used social media analytics to track the performance of ISS’s social media campaigns. This data was used to optimize campaigns and improve results.


After working with Zooms, ISS International Academy saw significant improvements in its social media following and engagement. The school’s Facebook following grew significantly, and its Instagram following doubled. The school also saw an increase in the number of users interacting with its posts.


Zooms’ social media marketing services helped ISS International Academy to reach a wider audience and engage with its target market more effectively. The results of the campaign demonstrate the value of social media marketing for businesses of all sizes.

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