How Zooms Helped Kamu Tea KH Grow Their Social Media Presence

Kamu Tea KH


Kamu Tea KH is a well-known bubble tea brand in Thailand. When they decided to expand to Cambodia, they knew that they needed to create a strong social media presence in order to reach their target audience. However, they didn’t have the expertise or resources to do it themselves.


Zooms Group is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in social media marketing. They were able to help Kamu Tea KH create a unique and engaging social media strategy that resonated with their target audience.


With the help of Zooms Group, Kamu Tea KH was able to achieve the following results:

  • Significant increase in social media followers: Zooms helped Kamu Tea KH increase their follower count on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. This means that they were able to reach a much wider audience with their content.
  • Increased engagement: Zooms also helped Kamu Tea KH increase engagement on their social media with the content being posted.

Key Strategies

Here are some of the key strategies that Zooms used to help Kamu Tea KH achieve their social media goals:

  • Unique and engaging content: Zooms created a unique and engaging content strategy that was tailored to Kamu Tea KH’s target audience. This included using high-quality images and videos, as well as creative captions and hashtags.
  • Regular posting: Zooms posted regularly on Kamu Tea KH’s social media channels, ensuring that their content was always fresh and relevant.
  • Social media advertising: Zooms used social media advertising to reach a wider audience and target specific demographics.


Zooms Group was able to help Kamu Tea KH achieve their social media goals by creating a unique and engaging content strategy, posting regularly, using social media advertising, and collaborating with other brands and influencers. As a result, Kamu Tea KH was able to increase their follower count, engagement, website traffic, and lead generation.


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