How to work with a graphic designer for better effectiveness.

How to work with a graphic designer for better effectiveness.

Working with a Designer can be a lot easier if you were to know how to work with the designers. It can definitely make the overall workflow a lot easier and painless for both the client’s side and the designer’s side. If it’s your first time working with a designer, slowing down the process and asking for tips from the designer themselves can be an easier way for them to guide you through the workflow.

As long as you know how to properly collaborate with a designer, the outcome of each work can be done as you expected or even beyond that. Here are our tips to work better with graphic designers.


Be Clear with your vision and concept 

This may seem straightforward and self-explanatory, but for some, they may have other ideas. It may seem that design can create the whole design with just the content, sure the designer can probably do it but the outcome may be different from what they may visualize. So that’s why we need your concept and briefing to be as clear as what you’d imagine the final product to be. If you are unclear about the concept or direction you want to take this design to then consider taking your time and consolidating with your designer, they will give you ideas or show you a concept that you can follow for your own design. Once everyone is on the same page, the project can be a smoother ride.


Make sure the contents are correct

Yes, it could only be a small problem but if it happens many times things can be frustrating. So make sure your content is correct before proceeding with the designs. The designer’s main job is to design and turn a piece of information into a visual art, they aren’t there to help support you with your grammar or writing, or communication skills.


Allow room for breathing

Graphic design is not created to be finished in a snap of a finger, It takes time and deadlines are more than often important. So please respect their deadline while their work is ongoing. You can drop more tasks for designers but do keep in mind that designers often follow their timelines.

If you have more than one project at a time, it’s better to consolidate with the designer about the timeline before it’s too late. In many cases, an Extra fast delivery fee is a viable option, so you can discuss those with your respective designer.


Be welcoming to the designer

Using friendly terms and just becoming friends or colleagues with them can mean that the process of the work can be a lot more fun for both sides. Start having conversations as you would with your friend or colleagues before talking about work. If there is a need for anything, availability times, or work progress, talk it out with them instead of rushing things.

Designers would also appreciate insight data on each of their designs. They appreciate seeing which of their work is effective and which they need to work on to improve it.


Keep an open mind 

Keep an open mind for any ideas that a designer may provide. Since they are working on design every single day, they are able to analyze the current trends for design as well seeing what works and the effectiveness of each type of design. It’s common that clients want the design exactly what they have imagined through their concept and the designer is more than happy to help you with that. But the point is that they are able to enhance your vision for it to perform better on your respective platform.


Finalized your comments in

Comment once for all the suggestions and changes you’d want. As mentioned above, smaller changes can be quite frustrating if they were to be revised many times. Try your best to explain your issue with the work, the designer will always try their best to give out what the client wants. You can even show them references through other designs you’ve seen online. If the designer can see what you want, it’s often easier than a verbal explanation.

It can save time for both parties and both parties won’t be frustrated by one another.


Put trust in your Designers

Finally, Put trust in them. It can be difficult at first when starting out as both sides are practically strangers to one another. Once things are flowing and you get to collaborate with each other more & more you’ll be able to put more trust in them to deliver the result that you expected.

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