Social Media Marketing: Tips & Trick.

Social Media Marketing is one of the key branches of digital marketing in any advertising strategy, it is essential for any company that wants to bet on developing an online strategy. They are a series of strategies created explicitly for social networks in order to achieve the objectives of the company’s marketing plan.

Here brands and consumers face each other. It encompasses, therefore, all the campaigns and content published on the company’s social networks in order to increase its visibility and the sales of its products or services.

The evolution reached marketing and advertising. In fact, companies have had to tackle these changes and adapt the services they provide to their clients, as expected, techniques and approaches had to change, not only because of the speed at which the world moves demands but also because of the value and weight that the market currently has.


What is Social Media Marketing? (SMM) 

It is a series of tools that, when put into action, open different channels of communication in the digital world. It refers to the strategic creation of a new communication channel with a 100% digital audience.


“It is not about what any one of us does or says, but what we do and say together, globally, to communicate in all directions at any time, in any digital way.” – Michelle Chmielewsk member of the business analysis company Synthesio.


It is the answer to the search for a new way of communication to relate brands and products with potential buyers, it means building a business through digital media in order to give exposure to a company and execute different marketing processes. shopping.

Unlike traditional media where readers or viewers are passive participants, the social network is a place where customers actively participate and exchange information. This means that the markets can interact with the customer in real-time and benefit from the communication. Additionally, it allows participants to lead the discussion and marketers to listen rather than lead the discussion. Sellers have to approach potential customers in an indirect way, helping to build public opinion.


What is the benefit of Social Media Marketing? 

These are some of the advantages that companies value the most:

• Increases brand visibility, making it reach more potential customers.

• The cost of marketing actions on social networks is lower than other traditional media. It is, therefore, a good option for companies of all sizes.

• These actions allow direct interaction with the client, having access to valuable information. In addition, they are a perfect channel to perform customer service.

• Networks are perfect for creating a powerful community around your brand and thus converting followers into potential customers and improving the results of your business.

• They allow increasing traffic to the corporate website or blog.

• Network advertising campaigns have a great capacity for segmentation, allowing highly targeted messages to be sent.

• Campaigns can be optimized based on the analytics offered by social platforms.


How to Use Social Media Effectively

If you want to define your first social media marketing strategy, don’t forget to follow these simple steps:


1. Define very well who your audience is:

Knowing your potential client thoroughly is essential for an effective social media strategy. You should know as much information about this from their age range, gender, and geographic location; to your tastes, interests, activities, and much more. The more information you have about him, you will be able to create a strategy with the right language, with the relevant information, and on the platforms where he is normally found.


2. Define the channels in which you must be present:

It is not the quantity but the quality that matters. You should see which are the most relevant networks for your customer profile and in which you spend the most time.


3. Stay casual, and informative and create valuable content:

The intention of being on these platforms should be to keep you close to your potential customers. Consider this when creating your content strategy and publishing all kinds of information or graphics relevant to your audience.


4. Stay on top of your networks:

It is very important that you are aware of what is happening with your social networks, this starts with keeping them updated from your profile information to publishing constantly and consistently. Never ignore or overlook criticism from your customers, it is important that you pay attention and always try to offer a solution and learn from negative comments.


5. Set regular goals:

You will never know if your social media is effective until you have clear, measurable, and objective goals for the actions you take. Try to set weekly and monthly goals. Once each period is over, do an analysis to determine if your strategies were effective or if you should change something. Social Media is evolving at a very fast pace and with the technology tools that are available online, marketers have no choice but to tune into the media, understand how things work, and make sure they are present.

Not being present in the networks in current times is not an option for marketing companies, with the growing number of online community participation, social networks have become an important medium that is being explored by marketers, and in it, they find the most effective way to approach customers and get to know them deeply.

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